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Explore every idea with Framer

You need the potential to design something completely new. Prototyping shouldn’t limit you. Framer is a prototyping tool that uses code to make anything possible. Pioneer new patterns and make groundbreaking design. Find the best solution, not just the expected one.

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Why write code?

Learning to code allows you to explore every creative concept—not just replicate patterns. Code isn’t just for engineers. If you give it a try, we think you’ll agree code is one of the most powerful tools a designer can have.

Learn prototyping with Framer

Design for any device

Prototype for mobile platforms, desktop apps, and websites. When you need to support multiple platforms, Framer has you covered. You can prototype for any device or choose from 8 default devices in every color—even TV's and Android.

Set your creativity loose

Framer does a lot more than transitions or quick animations. Design using real data. Build real interfaces with customizable components. Test and validate all of your creative concepts.

Framer fits your design process

Import graphics directly from Sketch or Photoshop. Need to change something? Simply re-import. And when you’re done, gather feedback by sharing your work on a mobile device.


Turn your static designs into a working prototype.


Preview on any device with a browser, using Mirror.


Present in full-screen, for a focused experience.


Quickly share a URL for hassle-free user testing.

Video Tutorials

Learn how to turn your Sketch designs into working prototypes, by adding native interactions to your mockup.

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Message View


Image Detail


iOS Lockscreen


We help you learn to code

Framer makes the learning curve less steep, with a simple syntax and smart autocomplete. We also provide reusable code examples, clear tutorials, and quality documentation.

Code faster with context-aware suggestions.

Smart Autocomplete

Inspect layers and their code references.

Layer Highlighting

Fran Pérez

Designer at Google

“Using Framer is not just immensely rewarding as a tool to learn code, but it will also allow you to take your work to the next level with virtually no limit.”

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Paul Stamatiou

Designer at Twitter

“I build with Framer so my creativity won’t get hampered by the limitations of the tool I’m using. It lets me focus on the details of every interaction.”

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Josh Puckett

Former Design Lead at Dropbox

“For me, prototyping and design are the same thing, so I'm in Framer Studio nearly every day. It's easily one of my most used and beloved design tools.”

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