Truly great design happens through prototyping.

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Create a prototype to validate your decisions and explain the implementation of your design. Framer fits your process and works with the tools you already use.

  • Direct every detail

    Your compositions are begging for movement. Bring them to life by creating expressive animations and innovative interaction patterns.

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  • Realize your creativity

    Writing code doesn’t limit your creativity—it provides new creative opportunities. Explore additional aspects of your design that you previously couldn’t.

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  • Do more with less code

    Create interactions in just a few lines of code. Framer works with CoffeeScript, which is easy to learn. Less knowledge is required than designing in the browser.

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    Design for any device

    Explore interactions for mobile platforms, desktop apps, and websites. Choose from 8 pre-installed devices to demonstrate the real environment for your design.

    Design with Framer

    Watch an hour-long presentation about prototyping, design tools and the the basic building blocks on which Framer was built.

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    Keep your design process

    Framer works with familiar tools, so adding prototyping won’t mess up your process. You can import a design directly from Sketch or Photoshop and bring in revisions seamlessly.

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    Build and experience your designs

    When designing for mobile, the best way to validate concepts is to experience them on the actual device. Preview your prototypes on a real mobile device with Mirror.

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    • Editor
    • Readable Syntax

      Write animations and interactions in a legible and minimal way.

    • Code Snippets

      Use snippets to quickly access reusable blocks of code.

    • Inline Errors

      Discover errors and correct them with the inspector.

    • Auto-Complete

      Includes functions, properties and variables you define.

    • Viewer
    • Live Feedback

      Every edit is rendered in the viewer and on connected devices.

    • Present

      Use the full-screen mode for immersive demos.

    • Preview Modes

      Create prototypes for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

    • Zoom & Rotate

      Work in any orientation, pixel-density or zoom-to-fit.

    • Effects
    • Visual Filters

      Blur, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and more.

    • Animation Curves

      Linear, easing and three different spring physic engines.

    • 3D Effects

      Transform and animate any layer in 3D space.

    • State Machine

      Create complex interactions with sets of animatable properties.

    • Workflow
    • Instant Sharing

      Upload and share your prototypes with a single click.

    • Mirror

      Preview your prototypes on any iOS or Android device.

    • Webkit 2.0

      Built on the latest, fastest web technology.

    • Drag & Drop

      Drop images from anywhere directly on the viewer.